Climbing Garda Lake


From Garda to Monte Baldo

Level: for all
Participants: 1 and more
Where: Garda, Marciaga, Ceraino, Monte Cimo, Sengio Rosso, Placche del Forte
Period: All the year
The price for each person:
individual/couple/family (max 2 adults) € 210,00
group min. 3 people € 70,00
Price includes
Mountain Guide and accident insurence.

From € 70,00

Way of subscription - tel. 348 1463700
Directly to your Xmountain guide..

Climbing Garda Lake

A unique environmental between the Lago di  Garda and Monte Baldowhere you wil find over 1000 pitches of every level (from 3c to 8b)

With the Xmountain Mountain Guides you can go climbing individually or in groups and discover beautiful climbing areas like:

- Marciaga (località Costermano)
- Senge di Garda (località Garda)
- Ceraino (località Rivoli Veronese)
- Sengio Rosso, Placche del Forte, Placche d’argento, Sgrenza (località Caprino Veronese)
Monte Cimo (località Brentino Belluno)

We can make personalized programs depending on the climbing skills of the partecipiants.


All the gear can be provided by XMountain - Guide Alpine Verona: climbing shoes, harness, ropes, quick draws, carabineers…

General program

We offer:
- Individual Climbing
- Individual Multi peach climbing
- Groups Climbing

Download the program!

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