Mountain Guide XMountain

People who approach the Xmountain World will find new friends and a team of professional Mountain Guides that is ready to organize for you unforgettable days approaching the mountain in a safe and secure way

  • Alberico Mangano

    Alberico Mangano

  • Alessandro Baù

    Alessandro Baù

  • Davide Crescenzio

    Davide Crescenzio

  • Federico Camangi

    Federico Camangi

  • Francesco Canale

    Francesco Canale

  • Tommaso Dusi

    Tommaso Dusi

  • Lorenzo D'Addario

    Lorenzo D'Addario

  • Luca Gelmetti

    Luca Gelmetti

  • Luca Montanari

    Luca Montanari

  • Massimo Fiocco

    Massimo Fiocco

  • Michele Macrì

    Michele Macrì

  • Nicola Sartori

    Nicola Sartori

  • Nicola Tondini

    Nicola Tondini

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